Velko Attanassoff


Velko Attanassoff, PhD  is a 1998-graduate of the NDU. In 2004 he earned a two-year scholarship under the US Counterterrorism Fellowship Program.
In 2006 he obtained an honorary dual master degree - Master of Arts in National Security Studies (Middle East Regional Studies) and Master of Science in Defense Analysis (Low Intensity Conflict) from the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, CA, USA.

Currently, he is a Senior Research Associate with the Institute for Security and International Studies (ISIS) and also lectures “Contemporary Islam” as an adjunct professor at the International Security M. A. Program of the International Relations Department of the Law School at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridsky”.

His research interests are in the field of Islamic activism and collective action (i.e. revolutions, rebellions, and social movements) in Muslim societies.

He is presently involved as a researcher in the MultiPart Project under EU VII Framework Convention and also in the Sofia University project: “Post Conflict Rehabilitation – the building of security partnership and the EU Role”. In addition, he is working on his PhD thesis, focused on religious activism in the Balkans and the consequences for the regional security. His important publications are “Bosnia and Herzegovina—Islamic Revival, International Advocacy Networks and Islamic Terrorism” (Strategic Insights, Volume IV, Issue 5 (May 2005); “The Case of Afghanistan” in Cultural Awareness – New Educational Standards, New Security (Sofia University Press, 2008).