Research Reports

No. 28 Ivo Tsekov
The Changing Balance of Power in the Age of Emerging Cyber Threats (pdf)
The New Challenges to the Euro-American Relationship: Russia and the Middle East (pdf)
No. 26 Tsvetelina Yordanova
Media International relations interaction model (pdf)
No. 25 Petyo Valkov
The tensions between Serbia and Kosovo - a major generator of instability in the region (pdf)
No. 24 Plamen Pantev
The US/NATO ABM Defense Shield in the Black Sea Region
(html) ISN 08 December 2011 (html) Stratfor on 09 December 2011
No. 23 Plamen Pantev
The Black Sea: A Forgotten Geo-Strategic Realm (html) ISN on 13 October 2011
No. 22 Plamen Pantev
Macedonia Eyes Its Future in Antiquity (html) ISN on 15 August 2011
No. 21 Plamen Pantev
Turkey Looks Ahead (html) ISN on 29 June 2011
No. 20 Plamen Pantev
The Western Balkans After Mladic, International Relations and Security Network (html) ISN on 16 June 2011
No. 19 Boryana Aleksandrova
Initial Impact of the Democratic Protests in the Arab World for the Middle East Peace Process (pdf)
No. 18 Plamen Pantev
The ‘Europeanisation’ of National Foreign, Security and Defence Policy (pdf)
No. 17 Plamen Pantev
Security Threats and Risks in South Caucasus: Perceptions From the Western Black Sea (pdf)
No. 16 Plamen Pantev
Euro-Atlantic and Euro-Asiatic Concerns of an Enlarged Europe : a Bulgarian View (pdf)
No. 15 Plamen Pantev
Bulgaria's Role and Prospects in the Black Sea Region: Implications of NATO and EU Enlargement (pdf)
No. 14 Todor Tagarev
Control, Cooperation, Expertise: Civilians and the Military in Bulgarian Defence Planning Experience
No. 13 Plamen Pantev
The Balkans and the Caucasus: Conceptual Stepping-Stones Towards the Formation of New Single Geoeconomic, Geopolitical, and Geostratic Region
No. 12 Dimitar Bechev
Regional Identity in the Post-Cold War Balkans
No. 11 Nicolay Pavlov
The Emergence of a New Geopolitical Region in Eurasia: The Volga-Urals Region and its Implications for Bulgarian Foreign and Security Policy
No. 10 Plamen Pantev
Peacekeeping and Intervention in the Former Yugoslavia: Broader Implications of the Regional Case
No. 9 Velizar Shalamanov and Todor Tagarev:
Reengineering the Defense Planning in Bulgaria
No. 7 Laszlo Nagy and Valeri Ratchev:
Nato Enlargement: Two Looks from Outside
No. 6 Tilcho K. Ivanov:
Confidence and Security in the Balkans: The Role of Transparency in Defence Budgeting  
No. 5 Volodya Kotsev
An International Methodology for Evaluation of Combat Capabilities of Military Systems: The Bulgarian Perspective of Greater Transparency and Confidence
No. 4 Todor Tagarev:
The Bulgarian Military Education at a Crossroads