Research Studies

No. 19 Prof. Plamen Pantev , PhD:
Challenges to the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union: Black Sea Region (Crimea) and Syria (pdf)
No. 18 Boyan Boyanov:
The Inflated Yet Unsolvable North Korean Nuclear Threat (pdf)
No. 17 PhD Mira Kaneva:
No. 12 Dr. Plamen Pantev:
Bulgaria in NATO and the EU: Implications for the Regional Foreign and Security Policy of the Country (pdf)
No. 9 Dr. Plamen Pantev:
Security Risks and Instabilities in Southeastern Europe: Recommended Strategies to the EU in the Process of Differentiated Integration of the Region by the Union
No. 6 Dr. Plamen Pantev:
Prenegotiations : The Theory and How to Apply it to Balkan Issues
No. 5 Dr. Plamen Pantev:
The New National Security Environment and Its Impact on the Civil Military Relations in Bulgaria
No. 4 Dr. Plamen Pantev:
Strengthening of the Balkan Civil Society: The Role of the NGOs in International Negotiations
No. 3 Plamen Pantev, Valeri Ratchev, Tilcho Ivanov:
Bulgaria and the European Union in the Process of Building a Common European Defence
No. 1 Plamen Pantev, Valeri Rachev, Venelin Tsachevski:
Bulgaria and the Balkans in the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union