Mira Kaneva (Ph.D.) is an ISIS Research Associate since 2011. Assistant Professor at the Department of International Law and International Relations, Faculty of Law, Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’; seminars in: ‘International Relations’, ‘Theory of International Relations’, ‘Foreign Policy’, “International Negotiations’ and course of lectures on “Power in Modern International Relations” within the M.A. program “Cultural Liaisons and Geopolitics of the EU”.

She holds two Master’s degrees – in International Relations and in Law. Her Ph.D. thesis covers the theoretical issues of soft power and, more specifically, their practical implementation in unconventional forms of diplomacy. Her interests encompass issues such as diplomacy, foreign policy analysis, international security, global governance, international regimes, international law and ethics.

Member of International Studies Association since 2011.

Some of her publications are: The Broader Implications of Soft Power in International Relations: Seminar Diplomacy. In: “Fulbright International Summer Institute – 2012. Ph.D. STUDENTS’ FORUM: Dialogues in the Field of International Relations, Security, Human Rights and EU Studies” (Editor-in-chief: Kostadin Grozev; Reviewed and compiled by Mira Kaneva). University Research Complex for the Humanities ‘Alma Mater’, University Press ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’, Sofia, 2013, pp. 74-87. Other (in Bulgarian) on: international agreements as a result of or a process of international negotiations and the role of soft law (2012); EU soft power (2012; 2014); hard power in international intervention – its legality and legitimacy (2013); public diplomacy and propaganda (2013).