Petyo Valkov is an ISIS Research Associate since 2011. He graduated the International Security M. A. Program of the International Relations Department of the Law School at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridsky”. In 2008 he obtained a postgraduate qualification in Accounting, Control and Analysis of Corporate Activity from the Academy of Economics “D. A. Tzenov” and a Master degree in 2007 in National Security Studies from National Military University.


Currently he is on a diplomatic mission at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Skopje, Macedonia and is responsible for political affairs and NGOs.


His research interests are in the field of national and regional security, international conflicts, international relations theory, and globalization.


He is working on a research thesis, focused on the role and activities of the Albanian factor in the Balkans and the consequences for the regional security. His major publications are: “The tensions between Serbia and Kosovo – A major generator of instability in the region” (RESEARCH REPORTS 25 at ISIS) and “Gaining perspectives through bilateral cooperation: Bulgaria - Macedonia” (Part of the policy recommendations of 25th Workshop of PfP – Consortium Study Group “Regional Stability in South East Europe” in Skopje).