About ISIS

The Institute is an independent non-profit Bulgarian NGO, not linked to political parties, organisations or movements, as well as to religious or ideological denominations. Judicial person according to the Formal Register of Judicial Persons at Sofia City Court: Consignment 1496, Vol. 23, Ch.V, p. 121, based on Decision 1979 of Sofia City Court of 4 November 1994.

ISIS is listed among the 300 leading think-tanks world-wide in the 1999, 2002, 2005 and 2008 editions of the NIRA’s World Directory of Think Tanks, Tokyo, Japan; among the 500 leading strategic studies centres by the IISS, London in 1998.  ISIS is not linked to any political party, movement, organization, religious or ideological denomination and is part of the ISN, member of the Consortium of the Defence Academies and Security Studies Institutes of the PfP countries, member of the Europe’s World Journal Advisory Board. The Wisconsin University awarded the website of ISIS in October 1999 with the Scout Banner of Most Recommended Website in the Social Sciences. ISIS is member of the non-governmental Coalition for Reform of the Security Sector in Bulgaria and of the Bulgarian University Network for Security Studies. After 1994 ISIS became the meeting point and generator of conceptual thinking for civilian and military experts on security. ISIS was a leading institution in carrying out the following international projects (in the PfP Consortium of defence academies and security studies institutes and other formats):

Civil-Military Relations in South East Europe:  A Survey of the National Perspectives and of the Adaptation Process to the Partnership for Peace Standards (1999-2000)
The Evolution of Civil-Military Relations in South East Europe:  Continuing Democratic Reform and Adapting to the Needs of Fighting Terrorism (2002-2005)
Civil-Military Relations and Democratic Control of the Security Sector:  A Handbook for Military Officers, Servicemen and Servicewomen of the Security and Intelligence Agencies, and for Civilian Politicians and Security Experts (2004-2005)
Post-Conflict Rehabilitation: Lessons from South East Europe and Strategic Consequences for the Euro-Atlantic Community (2004-2006)

ISIS participated in the projects run by Bulgarian government on the drafting of the National Security Concept (1995) and the National Security Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria (2002-2003).


Organisation and stimulation of security and international studies, mainly in:

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