ISIS 1998 Annual Report 

Year Four

Institute for Security and International Studies (ISIS), Sofia


Sofia,  January 1999

Director ISIS:  Dr. Plamen Pantev









Published Research Results:

1. Prenegotiations: the Theory and How to Apply it to Balkan Issues" (Plamen Pantev), 24 pp., October, 1998. Research Studies – 6. In English. An ISIS/USIA Project.

2 "Bulgaria and NATO: 7 Lost Years" (Jeffrey Simon), Translation from English into Bulgarian from ”Strategic ForumÓ 142, May 1998, 15 pp., November 1998. Research Reports – 8. In Bulgarian. An ISIS Project.

3. "Reengineering Defense Planning in Bulgaria" (Velizar Shalamanov, Todor Tagarev), 25 pp., December 1998. Research Reports – 9. In English. An ISIS Project.

NOTE: All publications of ISIS in English are part of the virtual library of the Institute on Internet in full text at:

Contracted Consulting and National Partnership:

ISIS works with and supports Bulgarian NGOs, academic organisations, universities and military educational institutions in the field of national and international security and foreign policy. ISIS continued to work with the Delegation of the European Commission in Sofia, the Ministry of Defence and occasionally – with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria. ISIS consulted in a non-contractual cooperative manner the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada on issues of civil-military relations. The interaction with the media in the security and foreign policy fields is efficient though modest in numbers.

Support for Young Researchers:

ISIS supported this year diploma and Ph. D. dissertation writers including by linking them with established and highly qualified foreign and international summer courses. Teaching the tools of Internet for international studies is part of our help.

Conferences, Seminars and   Workshops

In 1998 ISIS representatives were invited to more than 20 conferences, seminars or workshops as speakers, chairmen, respondents or participants. 15 of these events were international – both abroad and in Bulgaria.

International Activity:

International networking is a highly valued asset by ISIS. We are grateful to our foreign and
international partners for their understanding, support and cooperation. ISIS, on its part, preserves
an adequate national academic competence so much needed for cooperation on security and
foreign-political issues.

Basic Infrastructural Support:

ISIS is mostly grateful for its infrastructural building-up to:

1. The Programme Committee on the Package of Measures to Strengthen the Research Basis at Swiss Universities in the Area of Security Policy and Related Measures of the Swiss Confederation (Dr. Theodore H. Winkler) and the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in Sofia (1995).

2. The Civil Society Programme of the Open Society Fund, Sofia (1996).

Functional Support:

ISIS is particularly grateful to the following organisations and persons, who contributed to the Institute's activity or information inflow in 1998:

  1. The European Commission and the Delegation of the EC in Sofia.
  2. Western European Union (Institute for Security Studies, Assembly, Press Review Service, Mr. Guido Lenzi), Paris, Brussels.
  3. NATO (Office of Information and Press, Office of the Special Adviser for Central and Eastern European Affairs to the Secretary General, Centralized Media Service, PIMS), Brussels.
  4. Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research, ZŸrich , ISN Secretariat and ISN Webmaster (Prof. Dr. Kurt Spillmann, Prof. Dr. Andreas Wenger, Mr. Ulrich Gysel, etc.).
  5. American Center, Sofia.
  6. Union of the Bulgarian Foundations and Associations, Sofia.
  7. EIBD at ONTMD of the MGU – Internet server, Sofia.
  8. Institute for EastWest Studies, New York, Budapest, Prague (Dr. Renata Dwan).
  9. European Press Agency, Brussels (Mrs. Nina Bachkatov, Mr. Andrew Wilson).
  10. . NDU, Washington, D. C., (Prof. Jeffrey Simon).
  11. . IAI, Roma.
  12. . RIIR, Brussels.
  13. . Freedom House, Budapest.
  14. . CSRC/RMA (Mrs. Ann Aldis), Sandhurst, The United Kingdom.
  15. . CEMISS, Roma.
  16. . The Atlantic Club, Sofia.
  17. . CES, Sofia.
  18. . AIIR, Laxenberg.
  19. . INION, Moscow.
  20. . UNIDIR, Geneva.
  21. . HIIR, Budapest.

In 1998 the following associates of ISIS contributed mostly to its activity: Dr. Todor Tagarev, Dr. Velizar Shalamanov, Dr. Venelin Tzachevsky, Mr. Ivan Tzvetkov, Mr. Valeri Ratchev, Dr. Plamen Pantev.

Director of ISIS: Dr. Plamen Pantev

2 January 1999

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